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Go vacationing of the village advocate play a song
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For busy to overtaxing his nerves for the job everyday person, rest a small holiday, journey going abroad, of the hope should be the holiday that does not have pressure easily. Go vacationing the design of the village, fit this kind of requirement of urbanite very much, offer one-stop service, both neither needs to resemble a ride the route is driven like the group, what can discharge program journey again is vexed, enjoy truly high quality recreational go vacationing.

Travel agent regards travel as the bibcock of the industry, normally only responsible accommodation, meal and tourist attraction go sightseeing, and handle affairs strictly by the journey, can make the tourist generates sense of urgency, can busy, trot along on horseback view is beautiful. Go vacationing the village serves as a burgeoning industry, it is collect travel, board and lodging, recreation the large and recreational industry at an organic whole. Over, tourist already can feast one's eyes on -- , make a sightseeing tour, can get relaxation again -- , recreational recreation, it is a sunny industry that has development foreground and development latent capacity very much.

Our country spends the amount of false village to developing at full speed, each district, each tourist attraction in succession build, but from the service sort arrives service quality, very as further than still differring as international level photograph. Spend false village to be able to have the function of average public house only for the most part, reflect characteristic and dominant position not adequately.

Those who serve as modernization go vacationing village, 3 inferior inferior of Long Wan 3 inferior happy event will ascend go vacationing the hotel is a when build so that have a characteristic quite in course of study of person of the same trade. It has advantaged tropics to go vacationing the position, along littoral build, be opposite complete island the first of all, design by American name division inferior golf meets Long Wan, the beach of the sea of azure blue and silvery white, the good land that is the heaven that marine biology multiplies habitat and outdoors recreational activities.

Be fond of the geographical advantage that will ascended a hotel to introduce oneself of foreign advanced concept, play, according to the need of of all kinds passenger, the guest room that constructed all sorts of categories -- , wait between luxurious flatlet, diplomacy flatlet, standard, entire guest room all matchs home of safe of available attune, electron, international to dial directly a phone, confuse you, elegant and satellitic TV, delicate bathroom, set independent dip bath and shower, have natural light and facility of selva type shower particularly, extremely use up comfortable and luxurious, can view and admire inferior the intertropical garden of luxuriantly green of Long Wan's grand panoramic, flowers and trees and scene of emerald green hill.

Go vacationing village popularly locates the beauty spot with out-of-the-way, elegant scenery, but, the tourist over there won't feel not only go a film is thin, and still can bring into contact with more new friends, experience the joy of collective activity.
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