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Claver " economy + is intermediate business affairs " hotel
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Nearly one, develop 2 years in economy area or urban emerge in large numbers give a batch of establishment simple but the business affairs with guest room not low class hotel. Guest room of this kind of hotel decorates vogue, function all ready and class reachs level of guest room of SamSung class hotel, some forces continuously 4, the level of guest room of hotel of 5 stars class. Such hotel should say to belong to luxurious model hotel, unlike, because lack establishment of peace and happiness, conference, although provide meal, but also not be the meal establishment on complete meaning. Should say to belong to the economy of instantly fashionable whole nation hotel, also unlike, because say from guest room respect, this some deploys everything needed is ready; Can get online for the broadband mostly, some still provides business affairs writing material, individual even public house still deserves to go up to be able to leave a message or take the phone that faxes a function in guest room; The service that room Wu center should provide also does not fall. Such hotel is just as Mr Wang Dawu to introduce indeed " Chinese front courtyard " the hotel interlinks what brand place says to belong to " economy intermediate

Business affairs " hotel.

If ask to look from astral class assess, this kind " economy intermediate business affairs " if the hotel wants to judge 4, 5 stars do not rely on to go up apparently, although SamSung still also has,be short of, judge one, 2 stars, but in the market sale price is returned not low (can achieve SamSung commonly even the house price) of 4 stars. Then, such hotel is flat do not declare judge a star. Do not hang astral card, differ to be done not have at be in client memory " star " -- , from these hotels enter rate look, got comparativing really one part is intermediate of business affairs guest approbate and favor.

Expert of course of the earliest may not teachs a few when author place contacts investor of this kind of hotel, may not has learned sale, also may not knows what calls the market fractionize, but they are known however do some only kind what is what market business and this kind of guest needs most, make full text on the core interest that satisfies this kind of guest then; Their may not knows " the Red Sea " , " La Hai " the strategy, banner, target centers poor dissimilation of may not understanding, cost wait for the strategy, but they know escape to go all out however kill search means of livilihood additionally, be like,know why as far as possible low cost gains the market and obtain from which as far as possible big gain. Can say, the investment concept of the major investor of this kind of hotel, management strategy is in the market drop bump feel the generation in climbing (the external condition limitation that because suffer construction assets to be like office building,also theres is no lack of of course and see the society is other establishment but endowment place of form a complete set produces) . They are felt penetrated the market, was certain direction, dare to break through astral class fence, it is with brand-new attitude in hotel industry develop a school of one's own, actually is worth to admire.
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