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Together high-end boutique hotel to hotel direct to the network service platf
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Following the global hotel giants Hilton, InterContinental, and many other international brands in Hong Kong Regal Hotel; domestic orange boutique hotel chain signed a contract to provide its unique "hotel GSM" and "Hotel in China through" direct Service, the largest hotel information and review site to the network (www.daodao.com) was once again a small minority, high-quality high-end boutique hotel known for ages. Recently, the Sioux than the Gallery Hotel, elegant music Home garden boutique inn, The Opposite House, more than ten high-end boutique hotel to the network of formal and signed a contract to the network settled into the hotel direct sales platform. This is the only world-class hotel industry giant's lead, or do not love has always been significant leakage Hill Boutique hotel to become an overnight success? Industry insiders believe that, almost never in the major travel sites (especially booking site) for some of the high-end boutique hotel and to be able to network cooperation, the biggest factor is their keen To the net to find high-quality large membership base, and strong global marketing platform resources. For that to a network, the move is also no doubt that it launched in 2010 in the "hotel GSM" and "Hotel China hand "Hotel direct service programs more fullness and diversity. This reporter learned that, this hotel with direct sales to the network platform for the global agreement boutique hotel include: Sioux than the Gallery Hotel, elegant courtyard Mingle boutique inn, The Opposite House, pine like Lingka MGallery Hotel, Red Bedford fashion Hotels , Clouds, garden home boutique inn, city academy inn, boutique hotel, less government Shishan people, Gallery Suites Hotel, read kurau inns, hotels, more than a dozen states billion high-end boutique hotel. "The signing of the boutique hotel mostly Characterized by a low-key luxury, including in their outreach has also upheld the principle, many hotels in Ctrip, eLong, such as hotel reservation websites to be found. "To the network official told reporters," In the past these Hotels are a group of major maintenance of a relatively small minority of travelers, the hotel information is also passed through the hotel guest to stay at word of mouth spread. Now they appear to be most of the network 'Hotel Global' business, the Perceived by travelers around the world. " To the General Manager Mr. Wu Hao network description: "to the network just launched this year 'hotel in China through' and 'Hotel Global' two hotel direct marketing services, in just 3 months time, has signed over 2,000 domestic hotels . Which, including the Hilton, InterContinental, and internationally renowned hotels such rich, but also including the different parts of the ordinary orange star hotels and hotel groups such as the hotel chain. This can be signed with the majority of the boutique hotel may be To say as to the network filling the hotel direct sales platform and a piece of important information resources, but also for finding out such information in many hotel sites to build a bridge of communication with the tenants directly. Reporter learned from that to the network to the network in the hotel direct marketing platform launched this year, product, divided into "Hotel Global" and "Hotel China hand," the two businesses. Among them, the "Hotel Global" can help to contact the hotel directly Information displayed on TripAdvisor world (more than 18 languages) sites in 25 countries, different countries can also choose a different site contact, the page displayed in the hotel the hotel website, phone and Email, the user Provide direct and effective contact reservations directly with the hotel to reach; and "Hotel China hand", you can display the page in the hotel the hotel address and telephone number, Email, MSN, QQ and other direct contact, so that consumers directly with the wine Book reached stores; year free unlimited upload coupon information, to set the search criteria independent and exclusive signs for the hotel more accurate user groups; capped annual fee system, the limited number of clicks, and telephone - regardless How many orders, and never charge any commission; to provide online and offline media to promote all-round competitor analysis and monthly reports to help hotels get more exposure and more accurate information about opponents. The reporter asked the hotel direct sales platform to the network why in a short time when the majority favored the hotel to the network, general manager of Wu Hao pointed out: the hotel direct sales platform, and establishing current and future development of hotel sales model And trajectory. On the one hand, tourists eager to experience the real hotel information, want value for money; the other hand, the hotel also hopes to expand its diversified sales channels, more the face of more recent visitors. In addition to the Network from accumulated from inception to the present members of a large high-quality solid foundation for the real comments, I got to the hotel direct marketing platform can satisfy the multiple aspirations of the hotel and Mix, which the UGC is an open platform, Will ensure the maximum objectivity and fairness of the hotel reviews. It is understood that the network launched the "hotel GSM" and "Hotel China hand" are taken to cap the annual fee system, not limited to clicks and phone number of the hotel free of charge throughout the year can be uploaded in the corresponding restriction site offers information on hotel And can be customized according to different regions offer different programs, more importantly, to all contracted hotels to the network will provide a monthly online and offline media to promote all-round competitor analysis and monthly reports to help hotels get more Counterparty exposure and more accurate information.