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Jida Hotel Management School accused of profiting from using interns as coolie
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"Children on the junior, was arranged to the hotel school training, and often more than ten hours continuously, and some children who burn and cut a lot ... ..." In recent days, several parents call the 110 hotline, reflecting the newspaper press, he Their children to learn Hotel Management School of Jinan University, arranged an internship at the hotel are taken as coolies beck and call. In this regard, the hospital head said in an interview, parents were some misunderstandings, it is not. 25, a student their parents, their children learn the hotel management professional, current and classmates to the hotel internship. "In the hotel, and some Children went to bed at four to five hours a day up at work, free time but also help the hotel washing dishes, cafeteria help sell rice, a variety of heavy objects moving, and very difficult to leave ... ... " Another parent claimed: "The children suffer from unfair treatment, be treated as 'long light', the College and the hotel is co-profit? Look at the children's stay in the hotel basement long-term see the sun, Indoor crowded. Our children is to practice, is to learn something, not be left to others as the servants of cheap labor. " Yesterday morning, Jinan University, Dean, Song Yongsheng the hotel said in an interview, for parents like, and they have been heard, in fact, parents are misunderstood. He explained to the hotel internships, Hotel Management College students are an important part of learning, "in the choice of internship at the hotel, each hotel I would personally go to visit, all the selected star hotel, we particularly pay attention to the hotel's corporate culture, environment, food and accommodation . In fact, many star hotels and even office staff quarters are located in the basement, but not if the relevant indicators of our request, the school would not be practical as a cooperative unit. " For parents of students questioned drudge things, Song Yongsheng said, the students internships in the hotel, on a regular basis rotation, they have to experience a variety of positions. "Only have to experience every position, and to the One solution to the bitterness of Kula, to empathy, better to do hotel management. In this regard, the hotel will give the students some training grant subsidies. Even the hotel general manager, at the beginning is from the most basic level. Now 90 students are mostly child, parents eager son can understand the feelings, but have to let go and allow children to temper growth. " Turning to the management of interns, Song Yongsheng said, the college has strict rules, with practice leader, led the teachers, they can always stay in touch, and even before practice to sign a student intern agreement Meeting and will not appear on the intern no longer cared for the hospital situation. In addition, he explained, colleges and hotels only a partnership between the teachers will not reap any gains.