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Cost of battalion of already of food of near future Hong Kong is rising
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Because report from our correspondent travels drive, hong Kong catering trade very develop, but a few personages represent the near future, as inflationary index go tall, cost of battalion of already of Hong Kong food rises, management pressure increases.

Practice only the tide of bay of melon of Hong Kong earth of 3 months is fond of seafood restaurant, abrupt after Spring Festival busy season passes close down, employer makes over the hotel stealthily, paid salary to many 50 employee.

Conference chairman Wu Deliang expresses the couplet of course of study of Hong Kong meal that has member of many 2000 hotel, meal cost rises ceaselessly, prices rises exceed 3 to become, hire and wages also rise, add annual Feburary is dietary industry is off-season, he predicts, as the addition of trade cost, there will be many restaurant close a business this year. A boss of Guo surname wine shop expresses, situation of dietary already battalion is more difficult than in former years this year, although the person of patronage became much, gain however relatively the corresponding period decreased last year 2 into. He says, the pork that buys a person at present kind vegetable increases price more than 1 times, artificial cost also was added 1 into the left and right sides.

Hong Kong legislation meets Zhang Yu of dietary group assemblyman's person express, hire of Hong Kong hotel increases considerably recently, some hire increase multiple, make many restaurants make up for hire to grow hard with gain, cause management cost to become very exalted. Hong Kong labor and Zhang Jianzong of welfare bureau director express, still value to the catering trade of Hong Kong, "Because city has, market mood it may not be a bad idea " , but he expresses at the same time, want to compare Gao Wei's restaurant alertly, censorial the battalion movement condition of these restaurant, prevent back pay circumstance to happen.

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