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Hong Kong is wide build hotel all directions guest all smiles happily
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Hong Kong is wide build hotel all directions guest all smiles happily

The government is announced yesterday 8 tick off the earth's surface to 9 year, among them relatively industry place pays close attention to, it is to add 10 newly " be restricted the hotel develops " with the ground. After we hope these hotels are rolled out with the ground, not only can attract customer of high-end a person of extraordinary powers for this harbor, in can be at the same time, low spending tourist provides the travel guest room with good in quality and cheap in price more.

From 3 years since, visit harbor tourist person-time every year to innovate repeatedly tall, in the tourist number that swift and violent violent wind raises, the light that mirrorred this harbor tourism beautiful foreground, also brought long-term developing secret worry at the same time. Send bureau number according to brigade, 6 years annual visits harbor tourist person-time to be fifty-two thousand five hundred and twenty people about; 2007, afore-mentioned numbers already rose seventy-two thousand eight hundred and ten, amplitude is amounted to 11.6% . Meanwhile, amount of room of complete harbor hotel is added by forty-seven thousand one hundred and twenty-eight only however reach fifty-one thousand five hundred and five, amplitude is made an appointment with 7% . Afore-mentioned numbers mirror the growth rate fact of this harbor hotel room to already lagged behind at passenger growth, suffer this effect, hotel hire tall look forward to, repletion is suffer from, compare Zhu Ling 6 years, visit harbor 7 years " passenger of pass the night " scale shows descendent sign.

Land natural resources is limited, to one of main obstacles that develop for this harbor economy, the quotient with higher redound of businessman tendency build lives property, also belong to the reasonable judgement in managing, look around commerce however go up at every turn inside travel area 1000, be as high as the hotel chummage of thousands of yuan of one night even, if tourist consequently the word of hang back, the blessing of Hong Kong of real also however blame.

Supply to stimulate hotel room, natural resources of Shu delay land restricts the fetters and handcuffs of long-term to travel industry development, the government is acting the part of coordinator from which, offer the inducement that advantageous macroeconomic develops with policy. The government is second roll out a hotel to use the land, material of relevant accrual selling the land can decrease consequently, only in order to tick off the earth's surface medium before boreal horn 邨 western ground is exemple, according to surveyors preliminary estimation, this ground if makes residential progress, ying Kechao of floor 呎 price crosses 10 thousand yuan, build a public house with perhaps, can bring floor of every square 呎 for storeroom only however 5, 6000 yuan accrual selling the land. However, this action if can be attracted even more every year of ten million " do not enter a country to cross nocturnal passenger " if staying a few days more in harbor, can bring the redound that estimates hard for this harbor economy obtain employment, in the meantime, yi Fu closes " for civilian achieve rich " the path of policy of benevolence.
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