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Mix with fascia of booth Japan arrange feed reach harbor first
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Solar eclipse confusing has new place again, with Hong Kong of booth Japan arrange store of the first door already opened in Xi Jiulong center, family of the type that it is harbor is offerred more new-style and multivariate of taste and feed. Serve as what feed house with civilian house " sister inn " , offer arrange of authentic day type with booth, but the price more in a popular style, believe to be able to become popular good place.

Offer the cate of more sort with booth, content of the boiler that be like stone, raise, burn content to wait, but what make a person find everything new and fresh most is the series dish type that makes with fascia name of course. Dish and booth sanded law are used up before exhibit pure and fresh instinctive quality, juice of sanded law of mix up sesame seed and swallow sauce of law of the sand that take a fish to eat, appetizing and clinking. Playing a side with booth is to fall more sheet cries surely anthology, the pine changes fork to burn have 34 big, still have taste cartilage of pig of thick slippery body, egg. As to with booth marvellous dumpling ($29) , pork, shrimp waits to stuffing expects and be wrapped with agaric, not disappear says more, this sweet fragile small feed belong to oneself taste surely.

In addition, salmon also is today period of inn-keeper anthology. Extends completely salmon life manages the meal makes a person enchanted, accompanying crab child, laver silk and green melon piece, try admire, make price 39 yuan big! Man Manshou of redfish roe mother manages ($59) , sell luxurious, salmon breaks and tasty roe more the power that Cheng Yi gives, bite gently full mouth fish is sweet, with birthday department meal and laver eat together, call a person to touch.

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