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Group of hotel of Hong Kong plute involves restaurant of hand gold hill
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Yesterday, group of hotel of Hong Kong plute regards complete Hong Kong as the biggest hotel group, with Jin Ling chain hotel signs strategic cooperation agreement, this action indicates the move is bilateral " allied " begin formally. Presiding operation chief inspector Ms. Yang Biyao tells plute hotel the reporter, outback market is very big, if light relies on singles of a group to be fought alone, cost is very exalted undoubtedly. It is early 3 years two ago, they begin to search intent to cooperate square. "Final we decided golden hill restaurant. "Final we decided golden hill restaurant..

Golden hill hotel manages company president Hou Feng to express, "We had signed item of 10 specific collaboration with tycoon of Hong Kong hotel. Pattern of government of industry of Hong Kong hotel is advanced, this year we will first expediting 60 middle-level employee go to Hong Kong study; Cooperative both sides will share inn guest information, we are in charge of helping its recommend outback guest, plute group assists us to extend Hong Kong and overseas market; In addition, dish of Guangdong of hotel of Hong Kong plute, Western-style food does have distinguishing feature, we also will be introduced. " yesterday, reporter Cong Jinling interlinks understanding to arrive, after cooperating with Hong Kong plute, provincial the citizen goes to harbor to swim, also very can convenient. The citizen should reserve a hotel like home only same, hit a phone to book a center to Jin Ling, can do entirely calm. More important is, jin Ling interlinks Hou Feng's president to think, the citizen orders Hong Kong inn to be able to save many money, can save than entering price normally at least 15% . According to introducing, plute hotel holds water at was in Hong Kong 1979, the hotel distributings not only in Hong Kong, chinese mainland, still pervade North America, it is the hotel group with complete the biggest harbor now, place was handed in to appear on the market in harbor 1980.

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