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Hong Kong marine park plans build 3 themes hotel
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The build of plan of Hong Kong marine park that spreading out 5.5 billion HK dollar to renovate extend project has the thematic public house of characteristic 3 times each, in order to attract more tourists.

Cheng Zhiwen of marine park chairman expresses, 3 hotels that plan build include to be located in square of park main entrance 3 to 4 stars class " marine hotel " , the 4 stars class that is located in large tree bay " hotel of fishing person dock " reach

The 5 stars class that is located in Eden of the great height that cultivate a bay " height hydrotherapy goes vacationing hotel " , can provide 1300 rooms in all. Predict battalion of 3 new public houses carries first years 36800 visitors will be brought outside can be park forehead, conduce to lengthen a tourist to take harbor time, head the division austral flourishing harbor island.

According to coverage of Hong Kong media, marine park expresses, the development of 3 hotels plans to awaiting joint hearing of Hong Kong town planning to approve, predict to invite public bidding can undertake before the end of the year nowadays, next year the 3rd quarter develops a project, 2011 or 2012 in succession completion.

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