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Restaurant of Taipei imperial crown 2.1 billion sell fragrant honest
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The old hotel of Taipei imperial crown below division of force bully group (former a force bully restaurant) be about to take the history, be in at the beginning of last year after force bully storm, all previous sheds mark via 3 auctions, chen Yuefeng of general manager of restaurant of Taipei imperial crown announced yesterday, taipei imperial crown has sold fragrant honest hotel the company with 2.1 billion yuan, the Nanjing branch that becomes Taipei fragrant honest.

Taipei imperial crown is the minority below force bully banner to have the unit that gain profit, chen Yuefeng expresses, battalion received about 300 million yuan last year, busy season battalion closes every months to be able to amount to 30 million yuan, light is land has 600 much level ground, market prise estimates about 4 billion yuan.

Imperial crown old hotel ever was before the politics business hostel of Wang Youceng of patriarch of force bully group, the luxurious president flatlet of 100 level ground is in attic Wang Youceng is not fugitive still abroad before, will be his person to open only for years.

But since force bully case erupts, imperial crown restaurant force bully 2 words purify. To cast off group shadow, independent all the time battalion carries, but the profit that battalion receives even cope with group is other the charge of the unit, for force the minority below bully banner gains profit unit.

Fragrant honest hotel will take over Taipei imperial crown, fragrant honest hotel is in Taipei city revive boreal road and revive south the road has a business affairs hotel each, fragrant honest besides buy nonofficeholding north imperial crown with 2.1 billion yuan, still bought interior equipment, be willing according to Laojifa, solve the endowment dispatch problem of employee.

Liu Xiya of fragrant honest general manager expresses, the left and right sides will be formal in March more renown, will invite international program of zhuang1huang2 of famous stylist heavy new clothes.

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