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Meal course of study asks for ability to be hit 1000000 firewood
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Who says 6 grader are strawberry a group of things with common features? Inn of hot chaffy dish of a hemp asks for Taichun in a large-scale after year just, give the course in the company please advise others by using one's own experience of cadre of layer upon layer assessment, calculate base salary to add share out bonus average monthly pay 100 thousand, age promotes to a high office gently 1000000 firewood, course of study person analysis, these 6 grader win out with the manner, ability arrives from basic level climb all the way administrative estate.

From the Taichun rise to power and position, vessel king hemp that shop set to Taipei between October last year hot pot, taipei inn is 4 short the record that nearly 500 thousand person-time achieves inside the month, more flourish ascends netizen boutique queueing up, pursue and attack to take the advantage of exploit a victory, boss Chen Shiming plan picture two years a reopen 15 to inn of 20 straight battalion, sought spread reserve cadre recently.

Chen Shiming hold a memorial ceremony for gives the inducement such as the high base salary, share out bonus that press a month to long to be able to draw more nice talented person. He expresses, vessel king gives employee high base salary, increase the extra dividend of every month, and bonus of performance of every season distributive, in rank be in charge of every mean monthly the compensation that can receive 100 thousand yuan.

4 years ago, to the Yang Huifen that kitchen of be recruited of dining room of hot pot of vessel king hemp works, 62 years second she, 2 degrees of obtain employment after knot legitimate child, the choice does the work that wash a bowl to the kitchen, work even if wash a bowl, cut the basic level such as dish to work, her memory divides second second when time washing a bowl, a day of washed bowl dish even more than what wash one year in the home. Work about 6 hours everyday at first, monthly pay is close 20 thousand yuan, because expressional beautiful, manner is serious, let her raise foreman, head all the way from the labour that wash a bowl fully, at present directly under head office holds the position of a director, monthly pay amounts to 100 thousand yuan on average, the pay that is in charge of than class of director of average company firm is even high.

Deputy store of shop of vessel king Taipei grows Cai essence, enter vessel Wang Gong to make time do not pass two years, working capability is strong, at present average monthly pay differs to 110 thousand yuan in 90 thousand yuan. 64 years second Zhang Shi of manager of department of transport of vessel king battalion is easy, two years before 9 months, still be month of administration assistant manager that gets 50 thousand yuan, after be a manager through preferment system preferment, at present monthly pay adds the share out bonus of every month, solid get 200 thousand yuan.

Chen Shiming says, do meal to serve course of study to do not have special technical doorsill, can rising the employee of 1 million clubs, successful idiosyncratic it is everything follow the prescribed order, with the 6 grade in average person impression strawberry a group of things with common features differs.
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