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Defend bureau selection sanitation admirable inn-keeper signs up
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Keelung city health bureau good shop chooses 97 year sanitation, begin to accept signed up! To promote this city standard of meal course of study and sanitation of bake course of study, the good target of people food is fed outside be being offerred, the health bureau all can be like industry of box eat, restaurant and bake biscuit line of business every year to deal with good shop to choose in the light of this city meal.

The health bureau expresses, obtain choose list to turn except case ginseng of various mechanism, school is collected outside reach website of information of food of arrange of administrative courtyard sanitation to go up at each media, municipal government, health bureau fair 佈 , in order to offer online inquiry of citizen and foreign visitor, in addition, still can publish at wide suffer citizen affirmation and the national nutrition day that love to set an example inside cookbook, can raise a businessman famous spend and bring infinite business chance!

Sign up the postulate that attend is as follows: 1, this city factory registers posses card or seek profits the career registers card. 2, join relevant consortium to wait like hanse of hanse of this city cooking, this city confectionery. 3, deal with check-up every year regularly by the regulation from personnel of course of study. 4, wholesome in order.

Time signing up ends to the end of March since this day, choose division of sanitation of food of health bureau of Ke Jingqia of relevant matters concerned, special railway line signing up: 24288604. Welcome each businessman to sign up eagerly, in order to promote this city businessman wholesome standard!

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