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Meal tycoon grabs meal of beach ferry door to become new power
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World-class meal tycoon grabs beach ferry door

Market of Tianjin city meal bursts forth business of line of river of Chengbin of vigor meal course of study encircles new power

Mention present Tianjin meal market, emerge in people brain had been the dog is paid no attention to not merely, the old name such as 100 dumpling garden. Of the arrival that develops period greatly as Tianjin economy and citizen consumption ability rise, orgnaization of famous chain meal is in world-class in succession Tianjin opens a branch, tianjin meal market already became home to have one of consumptive markets of vigor most.

The development as seaside new developed area is open, tianjin will greet economy to develop period greatly, consumptive ability of the citizen also rises subsequently, each businessman wants to grab before business chance comes " card " , position is held in Tianjin meal market. Since last year, orgnaization of famous chain meal begins a batch of world-class attention Tianjin, include among them " 10 big Chinese meal of world " " 10 big cate dining-room of world " etc. Abundant of peaceful of spruce Changjiang Delta, vessel, colour butterfly highs these world-class are famous chain meal orgnaization happens to coincide ground choice opens a branch in Tianjin. Look from optional location, these world-class meal enterprises Dou Zhicun Gao Yuan, choose to be in in succession seaside new developed area, bank the commercial gold a sector of an area such as aqueduct of Lu Hebin of river path, friendship opens a branch.

City business affairs appoint the investigation of information center shows, peaceful way, bank day of annual of river path business street all guest discharge amounts to 590 thousand person-time, weekday of gold length a holiday all guest discharge amounts to 1.07 million person-time, gross of annual passenger flow calculates a value to be 212 million person-time about. In the meantime, in order to shop, meal and shop those who be a purpose " effective passenger flow " rate is 85.17% , these data made very big appeal to the businessman.

With going the happy guest general merchandise of annual base start business is exemple, business area of 25 thousand square metre uses this market at meal, recreation, this makes the function of this bazaar more all ready. Additional, be in bank inside river path shopping centre, the meal project that a total floor area is 23 thousand square metre -- " Tianjin international 100 feed collect " had started, predict this year in April practice. At the appointed time, the citizen will enjoy cate of all sorts of China and foreign countries to the top of one's bent over.

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