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International brand favors Shanghai meal brings originality idea
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Dilate will become the subject of market of retail this year property. In intermediate quantity couplet goes newest in the investigation of confidence of a shopkeeper that have, all sufferring the person that visit expresses, there can be outspread plan 2008. Among them, have 61% suffer the person that visit to predict, profit will continue to grow 2008.

Shanghai remains the main goal city of a lot of shopkeeper, because add supply advent newly, the supply of downtown region is nervous the state will have a bit alleviate. If be located in the comfort near comfort garden Long Fang general this year build first quarter, nanjing east the 353 square on the road and Nanjing on the west the edifice knowing interest on the road also will be in this year in succession completion. As a result of owner people the hope makes property the item that faces high-end market, downtown area is main and retail the commerce of area upgrades will undertake continuously.

International brand shopkeeper is about to search cardinal principle to measure shop front. According to intermediate Shanghai of the travel that measure couplet studies He Enkai of department inspector general introduces, international brand the space that exert oneself searchs large area, in an attempt to accommodates more line of the products in a shop. If LV is searching the bedding face that 2000 square metre control to accumulate shop front, fendi is in look for the shop front of above of 500 square metre, gucci prepares to open a fluctuation newly in square of China embellish times the retailing shop that two layer, areas make an appointment with 500 square metre. Long Zaizhong of 10 thousand treasure believes Tai Fuan field new-blown is brand-new flagship store, have area of 600 square metre. This inn carries goods double deck double outside the storefront of the wall is revealed, increased the visibility of the brand to the greastest extent thereby. A lot of luxury shopkeeper are intensifying searching this kind of double deck double outside the storefront of the wall, in an attempt to raises brand acknowledge to spend on the market with intense competition.

Meal merchant introduces new idea patulous client group. As meal market what mature with each passing day and compete is increasingly intense, a lot of new the meal inn that open business introduced originality new idea, try to attract more clients with this group. Famous and recreational meal tastes card Wagas, in beginning to expand recently advanced meal market, its act includes to open Bistro By Wagas and Room 28. Former the French dining-room that is medium-priced, latter will be located in static bring a district inside hotel of a high-quality goods, have 28 independent box, provide environment of advanced have dinner for the guest. In addition, leopard is in Yan'an on the west the meal center that the road opened a 20 thousand square metre newly, offer buffet and recreational item. This inn scope is vast, add integrated recreation serves an element, will make the guest has the experience of distinctive have dinner that is different from traditional buffet.
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