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Too conservative wind casts Chengdu chain meal not to wish to cast
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Jiangsu aunt boiled dumpling kills Chengdu to interlink fastfood market, not merely absolutely scene. In the aftereffect of market struggle, a person with high aspirations and determination already but peek: Large quantities of other places that become a shareholder by fund of international venture capital investment interlink meal enterprise, interlinking in banquet roll into fastfood the chain meal market with wider range. And those who make a person regretful is, up to now Chengdu obtained fund of extensive venture capital investment without enterprise of meal of a chain.

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Wind casts force to aid push nonlocal meal dilate

Newest those who announce " trend of strategy of development of business of chain of 2007 China meal is investigated " the result shows, wind investment is in love with meal enterprise originally thirsty period. In be in capital to run the meal of level to interlink an enterprise at present, the company that has 72% already was cast with much home negotiate all right, meal interlinks an enterprise to develop the strategy to already produced change, running directional move to capital. Group of clear family of poineering investment research organization " year of market of Chinese poineering investment considered to report 2007 " also announce, the investment gross of market of Chinese poineering investment appeared 2007 erupt the growth of type, investment amount reachs 3.247 billion dollar, the industry such as the agriculture that is paid close attention to lesser before, meal, food and beverage had appeared 2007 investment case.

Acquire the nonlocal meal company of venture capital investment at present, without one exception chain changes degree and craft to be able to charge rate taller. Like small fat sheep, flavour 1000 pull face, countryside radical, one tea to sit, the true kongfu nonlocal chain meal that took wind to cast and fastfood enterprise, had begun a large number of distribution in Chengdu. And adjacent Chongqing, have cygnet chaffy dish and country not simply base enterprise of two chain meal was obtained respective venture capital investment of above of 20 million dollar, the Chongqing such as house of chaffy dish of village of the Mom that connect the Qin Dynasty, heart, happy and carefree interlinks meal to the enterprise is in and invest business to contact, discuss appear on the market plan.

On chain meal market, distinguish the traditional pattern that develops at depending on set up shop of own reserves scroll before, "Venture capital investment becomes a shareholder -- a large number of capital are promoted accelerate countrywide site layout -- operation promotes quickly -- achieve appear on the market requirement -- appear on the market again collect capital promotes dilate " fast growing mode, had made the appearance that has competition ability most. The Chinese style snack that enters Chengdu overall arrangement recently " Chongqing countryside base " Li Gong of palm door person discloses, of venture capital enter the rate that accelerated enlarge look, after the wind that introduces 20 million dollar invests gold, rustic radical plans to open the straight battalion store of 100 above in city of countrywide a gleam of inside 3 years. This one rate is greatly rapid the development before.
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