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Meal of Shanxi standard freeway
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To strengthen complete province the freeway serves region industry government, health of industry of meal of stimulative service division develops, improve battalion of already of meal look forward to, service and level of management in the round, make its implement all-around complete change in the respect such as credit, brand, quality, service, I saved freeway management board to come on stage " Shanxi saves a freeway to serve area meal enterprise to manage normative executive detailed rules (try out) " , served an area to begin try out at saving a freeway completely on Feburary 1. According to introducing, this is the whole nation enterprise of meal of division of first freeway service manages a standard.

As we have learned, bureau of my province tall canal serves standard of area meal industry to manage to saving a freeway completely put forward to asked at 4 o'clock. It is to increase industry government strength, the working key that rectifies processing course of study of service division meal to serve as 2008 year will catch, all-around the current situation that changes job of service division meal. 2 it is the Olympic Games will come, the expectation of excellent to saving a freeway completely service and requirement will promote the society quickly, complete province serves an area to want to be chance with the Olympic Games each, sincere letter is managed, scrupulously and respectfully fulfil his duty to defend, pay close attention to the people's livelihood; Manage should control oneself, superintend should reach the designated position, improve meal quality while raise service quality and customer satisfaction to spend. 3 it is to want to be a principle with managing lawfully, meal of development in a popular style is a foundation, executive characteristic is changed and target of brand melt into, carry out seriously " Shanxi saves a freeway to serve area meal enterprise to manage a standard (try out) " . 4 it is the person that complete province serves area meal management is brave in to face reality, know the market, analysis market actively, consult and recommend the characteristic of professional meal and dominant position, search the footing that attributes him market, adjust management train of thought, build consumptive environment and effect of person energy of life, those who realize social benefit and economic benefits is collective rise.

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